Social Media Management



Social Media has changed the way people interact, discover recent news, source services and products. Now with a click of a mouse we can interact with people from across the globe. Businesses now understand that Social Media Marketing offers a unique tailored and fast route to communicate with prospective customers and in return a Social Media Platform gives potential customers a clear insight into the business.

A company’s `Online Footprint` is more important than ever, potential customers now want to buy with confidence so expect to see ……

  • A modern well-built functional website
  • Website clickable links to Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Accounts with active daily posts
  • On page positive customer reviews
  • Modern graphics showing company work

Having this established setup will increase any client’s sales and quotation cut through.

Social-Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , LinkedIn and Google+ present marketing opportunities for any business. It is quite easy to sign up to these Social Media platforms and start posting material, but without planning an effective strategy of Social Media, the time and all your effort can be ineffective.

Your business can employ Smart Design UK today to manage any of the major Social Media Platforms listed above.

(If you choose Facebook & Instagram an advertising budget will be allocated from the month budget cost to increase `Likes` and `Followers`)

– 1 Platform - £120.00 per month

– 2 Platforms - £150.00 per month

– 3 platforms £170.00 per month *Special Offer Price - £150.00*

– 4 platforms £195.00 per month

– 5 platforms £220.00 per month

We charge a one-off fee of £50.00 to set up your chosen Social Media Platform’s.

Our management package includes: -

  • Industry Targeted Daily Posts on all platforms
  • Posts are a mixture of informative links, industry information and company sales messages
  • Messages to all pages will be monitored daily
  • Back links from your Social Media Platforms to your Website, this increases your companies profile on Google incredibly well
  • Graphic Design Work included for special offers and other occasions (This Artwork can be supplied in file formats to be used to print flyers or other business stationary)
  • #Hashtags will be assigned to your business and allocated across all medias

Unique to Facebook

  • Monthly Advertising Budget allocated to increase Facebook Page Likes
  • 8 Facebook `Sales Message Page Drops` onto other local business pages to boost awareness and sales for your business
  • `Facebook Event Creation` tell all your page members about a sale or event quickly
  • Our team will source, with clients help, 5 Facebook at 5 stars with supporting comments.

Unique to Twitter

  • Our team will Follow other relevant companies on Twitter to increase your brand visibility

Unique to Google+

  • Our team will share your company brand into Google+ Communities this will assist in building your brand.

Smart Design UK have reacted to this growing form of marketing, delivering results for clients and are specialists in building a Social Media brand faster and more effectively than any other route to market.

To discuss all the exciting options available on Social Media call a member of the team on 01233 225279